'Riding Soul-O'
is part memoir, part travelogue, part spiritual salvation.
It is a story about one woman, her motorcycle and
their journey down Life's road together.

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the Author answers your questions:

Is this book for me?

"If you have ever struggled with love, loss, heartache, addiction, depression or wondering 'is this all there is in life,' then this book is for you. I share my experience, strength, hope and triumph over adversity as I've traveled down life's road."

What will I gain from this book?

" I hope you gain the inspiration to move outside your comfort zone, break free from detrimental relationships, and discover your authentic self. I hope you find the inspiration to age boldly, to find new passions and to find that which feeds your soul."

I don't ride a motorcycle, is this book for me?

"Absolutely! My motorcycle is the vehicle that moved me out of adversity and helped me discover a positive direction in my life. You might choose hiking, kayaking, learning to play a musical instrument, writing a book or any number of 'vehicles' that leads you to your passion. I don't feel my story is unique; on the contrary it is universal to women my age who seek to find new meaning in their lives after their children leave home, divorce, and death. I hope my story inspires you to be a 'seeker,' and a 'traveler' on life's road!"

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